~~~~The Hopedale Church of Christ~~~~

Carrollton, Ohio

From Carrollton, Ohio

 Take OH-43/OH-9 South                                              4.8 mi.

 Slight right on Germano Rd. SE/OH-9.  Follow OH-9     10.3 mi.

 Left on Annapolis Rd./OH-646                                       1.2 mi.

 Right on Miller Station Rd./CR-4.  Stay straight through stop

              sign and Rail Road tracks and follow into Hopedale   6.6 mi.

  Left on Main at the stop sign                                           .1 mi.

 Right on High St.                                                             .1 mi.

 at 329 High St. on the left    

Total est. time:  32 minutes              Total est. Distance:  23.1 miles